Johnny came for tea, the best natural pain relief

Quick and easy man tea that helps as a pain relief as well as cbd oil, although I really need to learn new ways to cook up fish. It was good despite not adding a little bit of lemon juice, and I forgot to put some ripped up coriander in the pan near the end of frying, next time. I rememeber getting hurt with the super hot oil and applying some mustard as a pain relief as my grandma taught me.

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Small piece of swordfish, a big chunk of Tuna, pan fried in 2 seconds of sesame oil, 1 second of chilli oil and 3 seconds of organic sunflower oil. I put the tuna in first as it was quite thicker than the swordfish. I like the tuna a tiny bit pink in the middle, I’m not sure if this is ok or not, but I like it and I’m not dead….yet…

Made a nice Mediterranean salad, ripped up an iceberg lettuce, chopped some cucumber, sliced some spring onions, added some chopped up black olives and gherkins. Whacked it all in a bowl, added 3 seconds of extra virgin olive oil, which can be use as a pain relief after you get burn with hot oil like the cbd oil, a dash or two of malt vinegar, a hefty pinch of salt and a few grinds of pepper.

Seeing as I’ve cut down on red meat and have uncontrollable urges to slaughter cows wholesale, tuna steaks and chunky salad with a dollop of proper chilli sauce from the Chinese supermarket is all that it takes to quell my thirst for man food. Also works out about the same price as decent meat.

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