A few changes…

Pat’s away for a bit, so to fill in this Friday we have big Chris. We’re doing Filo pastry thingies stuffed with mushrooms and a red pepper sauce. Sounds really good but really flippin’ daunting to us cooking newbies… I still keep meaning to write up the Chick pea night, Carbanthos, Falafels and Humous, all of it was the bollox, gotta write it up.
BTW if I’m spelling these things wrong, tell me. Ta.

I forgot summit

For our listening pleasure, we had definitive mellow mastercuts vol.1 and sum new detroit/philly soul type ish “Platinum Pied Pipers”.I thought it was a wack call and response d.j./m.c. garage(gertdirge) type outfit.How wrong I was.Twas proppa mint.Gwan triple p!