I forgot summit

For our listening pleasure, we had definitive mellow mastercuts vol.1 and sum new detroit/philly soul type ish “Platinum Pied Pipers”.I thought it was a wack call and response d.j./m.c. garage(gertdirge) type outfit.How wrong I was.Twas proppa mint.Gwan triple p!

Published by MCC Sensi

I was born into the restaurant business & after failing miserably @ school, the natural thing was to get a job washing up in a restaurant(such high hopes). After an apprenticeship with Rick Stein, waiting on tables for Gary Rhodes & a missed oppurtunity with Marco Pierre White(Now there's a chef, Mr. Oliver)...Fast forward 20 years, throw in a couple of kids & a spell in rehab, & MCC Sensi was born. P.S. In a fit of false modesty I forgot to mention my Dad-the one who kicked the kitchen door open for our current crop of pretty vacant T.V. chefs...Keith Floyd (Hi Dad )

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  1. Roger, we’d love a recipe from you. The only thing to remember is the way we measure stuff… Pinches, punches, seconds for pouring and bra sizes for flour – basically anything that we can relate to… Send to mark@mediatank[dot]co[dot]uk

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