“Quick” Roasted Peppers

A quick top tip on getting them there peppers to be roasted without, umm, roasting them. I know I’m not supposed to update old posts, but I’ve just got the piccies, so why not?



Cut the peppers in half and gut them – cut out the stalk, seeds and ribs (the white stuff). Place flat side down on a grill tray and COAT with olive oil. Add salt & pepper.Put under a hot grill and allow the skins to go black, the pepper to soften and collapse. You can manually flatten the peppers a bit more to allow the edges to blacken too.


Place straight into a bowl and cover (cling film or a plate will do) allowing the trapped heat to seperate the skin from the flesh. Let them cool down and peel off the skin which by now should be quite easy, use a knife if you need to. Cut the moist flesh into strips lengthways and stick them back in the bowl, there should be some juice from them previously still in the bowl – all good and ready for your recipe.

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