Last Nights Funkin’ MCC Rocked

Chicken Korma followed by a chocolate orange mousse. Now we know what to cook for the ladies in our lives, and err, their dads… 🙂

I’ve actually made the mousse again already, it was so easy i can’t believe it, I’ll never buy one again… Who new you could mix egg yolks with chocolate? The recipe is coming…

2 thoughts on “Last Nights Funkin’ MCC Rocked”

  1. I am not worthy Sensei, for I cocked up said mouse 2nd time around 🙁 Eager from the night before, and after an ear bashing from my room mate for returning home empty handed, I thought I’d give it a crack with the Milk chocolate. It turns out the Milk chocolate was a bit too sweet and didn’t really go so well with the Orange…. but the big rookie mistake was not using enough eggs! On the plus side, it turns out we have a mechanical whisk job so at least I didn’t expend too much energy in my failed atempt.

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