“Rugged” Chicken Korma

I made this 3 times last week, and all in the name of teaching men to cook. Oh, the selflessness of it all.(Yeah, alright w**nker…Ed)


Anyroad, it’s proper tasty…For 4/5 peepers you need: 1kg diced chicken, 4 onions, 8 cloves of garlic(good 4 u), 2 thumbsized pieces ginger, 1 green chilli, 1 tin coconut milk, 3 tblsp plain yoghurt, 3 punches(handfuls)dessicated coconut, 10 cardamon pods, 4 cloves, 2 bayleaves, 2 tsp ground coriander, 3 tsp turmeric, 3 tsp cumin, 1 tsp curry powder, pinch of cinnamon. Now check the method…

Put chicken in a large bowl, add cumin, turmeric, coriander, cinnamon, curry powder, a good punch of salt, and grind that peppermill like you just don’t care( to taste) and a splash of groundnut oil. Now mix it all up. Don’t be frightened, be rugged. So the chicken is effectively having a period of marination.


In the meantime, the inbetween time, get your lacky to finely slice the onions(this avoids anyone thinking you’ve bin crying and that you, like, might have some feelings going on or something) , and finely chop the garlic, green chilli & ginger.

Righty ho, then. Next put large saucepan on a med/high heat and add 2/3 seconds of oil(on a slow pour bottle), let it get hot, sling in the onions, add a pinch of salt, stir and put a lid on it & allow to sweat down. Once the onions are soft, take the lid off, turn heat back up & let them get some golden type colour. Add garlic, chilli. ginger, stirring on the reggy regular to avoid burning. Allow to cook n’ sizzle for couple of mins and put in the chicken, doing more of the same- sizzle n’ stir. Don’t cook the chicken all the way thru at this point, just give it some colour, otherwise the end result will be very dry.

Finally, put in the rest of the ingreed-a-ments…coconut, cardamon, cloves etc, turn the heat down low, put lid on & allow the flavours to bubble away & get intimate for about 15/20 mins. Taste, check for seasoning…All good? Serve with basmati rice ( or chips, if your hard)

8 thoughts on ““Rugged” Chicken Korma”

  1. Ground nut oil… Is that a UKism for peanut oil, or something I’ve never heard of before?

    Or maybe it’s just made out of ground nuts?

  2. Sounds delicious, particularly as I’ve forced my family to eat an enormous pot of black beans all week, everynight. Cruel but easy
    What is ‘if your hard’?

  3. Black beans all week? Yeah, that’s cruel & LAZY! “If you’re hard” means macho types wouldn’t bother with fragrant, fluffy basmati rice, they’d have chips(UKizm for fries).
    Don’t worry, cuz I don’t even know what I’m talking about most of the time. When my fingertips hit the keyboard “Alien Hand Syndrome” kicks in…wibble, wibble pipecock, little pink fluffy candy floss ant eaters aaaargh…See what I mean.

  4. Best Korma I’ve even had Sensi…. and I felt so manly eating it; even without the Chips!

    I think we need a pic up when Mark gets back for this one, otherwise your other desciples may not appreciate just how rude this korma really was!

  5. Fabulous presentation. Gold stars for the cilantro. You have improved immensely since the bowl of poo. Hope you’ve gotten lucky.

    Thanks for the translations.

  6. u know.. usually, in asia, we do not use the desiccated coconut.
    we use more coconut milk..
    it gives a smoother texture to the korma..
    yet, the richful flavour of the coconut is still there!!
    but hey!! the pic looks amazing!!
    plus, you’re right!
    korma is always best served with basmati rice!! even chips!!


  7. You’re right Dah, yet we liked the fact that the dessicated coconut gave the korma some texture cuz in the UK it can sometimes be too smooth & sickly sweet.
    Thanks and keep the feedback coming…

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