Ch-ch-check-out our luscious “Lime Beef” Noodles

This just got me & my apprentice, Tom, really excited. It’s pretty easy, too, using classic Asian ingredients like ginger, coriander, noodles, soy sauce and some beef, you know the kind of caper…Toss your wok in the air like you just don’t care, & if you got on clean underwear somebody say “Oh yeah”…Check the method…

Serves 4 people.

500g frying or skirt steak (trimmed of all fat & sinew),3 sheets fine egg noodles.1 lge onion.4 cloves garlic, a small persons thumb ginger, 1 red pepper, 2 limes, 1 corn on the cob, sml bunch coriander, sesame oil, 3 pinches chinese 5 spice, 2 pinches mild chili powder, pinch of sugar, handful mushrooms(about 7) freshly ground sauce, fish sauce…

First tenderise the beef by beating it with a meat hammer or rolling pin( basically flattening & thinning it out) & cut into thin strips. Then place in a bowl & add juice of 2 limes, a good old splash of soy sauce, like 1-2-3-4-5-6, a splish (that’s a small splash) of fish sauce, like 1-2-3, pinch of sugar & a vigorous grind of pepper mill.Mix it all up with your hands, yes, your hands-get intimate with your food, touchy feely with your food- and allow to marinate,perculate,maserate for 40mins or so.

Now prepare the vegetables etc… Slice mushrooms, pepper & onion thinly as poss. Peel & finely chop garlic & ginger.Cut sweetcorn off the cob (use tinned if you want, but taste the difference, fresh sweetcorn is actually, like, sweet)

Meanwhile put pan of water on to boil for noodles, cook as per instructions on packet. Drain & mix up with sesame oil to prevent nooldles sticking together.

Next pour 4 seconds of sesame oil in wok & put on full heat til it starts smokin’.Put marinating beef in a sieve with bowl underneath to drain off excess liquid, then throw into smoking wok with garlic & ginger, sizzle my dizzler & toss/stir for 4/5 mins. Take beef out & put to one side.

Pour in another good splash of oil to wok,heat to smokin’ add 5 spice, chilli & slap in onions, peppers & mushrooms, flex your wok bashing skills, a toss here, a shake there, or just use a lge spoon & turn ingredients over. Add salt & pepper. Note: always be tasting your food as you go along, this leaves you in a strong tweaking position- allowing a certain fine tuning,if you will, of culinary creations. Where was I, oh yeah, tapping away. So allow onions etc to sizzle & colour some, add sweetcorn, beef, saved marination juices & noodles. Finally, casually scatter in the roughly & ruggedly chopped corinder. Toss, stir, mingle, add more soy sauce if you want……..Now EAT and marvel as that luscious limey zesty meaty flavour (that’s flavor to our merican cuzzes) bounces up & down on your tastebuds like they was a trampoline. WORD

4 thoughts on “Ch-ch-check-out our luscious “Lime Beef” Noodles”

  1. I’ve been on holiday for 5 minutes and you’re cooking up all kinds of nicities without me, not too mention messing up the layout of the blog, bet that was Tom. So, got picies then?

  2. Wish I had time to russel up a taste sensation like that, we just had Cold roast Chicken left overs, pasta, broccolli and carrots with (packet) gravey . lol… oh dear

  3. you know..
    to speed up all ur asian-fusion dishes in future..

    Blend ginger, garlic and onions to be stored in the fridge!
    Just scoop 2 tbl spoon out to “stir fry” basic dishes.
    Blending portions – 4 portions garlic, 6 portion onions and 1 portion ginger!!

    btw, this beef noodles sound yummy!!


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