Food Blog of the Week… What Us?

How could I forget to tell everyone (anyone?) that we, us, the disciples of oat, actually got some recognition for being kitchen luddites. How bloody far out is that? Not only did we get “Food blog of the week” but we actually inspired “Mama” to start off the weekly awards in the first place. I here by crown myself and the MCC Sensi with a crown of linguine and basil.

This Mama Cooks! Food Blog of the Week

4 thoughts on “Food Blog of the Week… What Us?”

  1. Do you take requests? Because I’d really love to see a picture of you and MCC Sensei wearing those crowns… 🙂

    Congratulations on the recognition. It is well deserved!

  2. We’ll think about that one…I like the idea of requests, though. It has a certain inter-action-a-bility, & I always like to reach out & make a connection with my fans, er, I mean, other human beans ( see what I did there “Beans”- classic)

  3. oooh, ark at ee, ee’l be askin’ fer a limo next.

    As it happens just this very morning I awoke and put upon my head a small crown made from just the ripest chilli’s in my garden, with the distilled dew of a thousand slug tears glinting in the sunlight, I looked grand. Although my 83 year old neighbor did ask me to put something else on as well as I had a few too many other veg on display.

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