Worst Tapas in the World

I’ve just been to Gran Canaria for a week. Bloody great, generally the food was fantastic. My way to normally find the best places to eat are to look for where the locals are sitting, usually the grumpy old men types and generally this works well.

In one particular case I can’t tell how wrong this was.

Nasty Tapas

Those things on the right (the fullest bowl) were like chicken McNuggets, but worse (believe it), the luminous orange things in the middle were weird crab things that had claws hanging out of them to just to convince you they might have real food in them… The potatos were nice though with Mojo (pronounced mocho) sauce… I have to find that recipe.

5 thoughts on “Worst Tapas in the World”

  1. That one at the front looks like a pasty. And behind is a hash brown.
    Are you sure you didn’t go to McSpana?
    Nice elbow though.

  2. Anyway, I thought Michael Flatly was one of the worst Tapas in the world…..

  3. If you look in the top right-hand corner(brown deck shoes) someone has thought the same thing and is about to make good their escape. I’m sure those “crispy crab claw parcels” speak an international language of food as I’ve had something similar in an Indian, a Thai & Italian restauron

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