Cor Blimey Guv’ Owz Ya Father Dick Van Dyke Arthur Askey AND…Bangers n’ Mash

Again, we did this a couple of M.C.C’s ago along with the tiramisu. An old classic- Sausages, mash, braised savoy cabbage & onion gravy…Mmm, as English as an estate agent in a lavender shirt, fat knotted tie & a pair of brown shitflickers gettig out of a new mini. I mean, brown shoes with a dark suit? What’s that about? & if ever there’s a car that says “SMUG”. Beep, beep, pip, pip…F£$k off. I digress…
Bangers n' Mash

Published by MCC Sensi

I was born into the restaurant business & after failing miserably @ school, the natural thing was to get a job washing up in a restaurant(such high hopes). After an apprenticeship with Rick Stein, waiting on tables for Gary Rhodes & a missed oppurtunity with Marco Pierre White(Now there's a chef, Mr. Oliver)...Fast forward 20 years, throw in a couple of kids & a spell in rehab, & MCC Sensi was born. P.S. In a fit of false modesty I forgot to mention my Dad-the one who kicked the kitchen door open for our current crop of pretty vacant T.V. chefs...Keith Floyd (Hi Dad )

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  1. You would be impressed sensi… I walked straight past the frozen food tonight and shopped for the necessary incrediaments for this simple tasty dish. I even had a manly work out on the way home with shopping bags full of heavy items. I did miss off the cabbage and let’s just say I didn’t make my own gravy… it wasn’t half bad though.

  2. I tried to look at this post when I was at my local sports centre (center) on a public computer. I was refused because it says there was adult content. Do you think it was because it says “dick” in the title or was it perhaps the “gravy”?

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