Tears Of My Sue AKA Tiramisu

Ahhh, pudding. And about flippin’ time. What is a life without pudding? A bit thinner I suppose. But as winter looms forth and generous baggy clothing becomes the general attire, those worries can be placed upon the metaphorical shelf of life until the spring begins to warm us again. As redeye said to me the other day “have you got something under your shirt”? Alas, “No”, began my curt reply. It also finished there, too. This Tiramisu is so ambrosial, one portion is never enough.

  • 4 eggs (separated)
  • 4 Tablespoons of sugar
  • 1/2 a cup of double cream
  • A cup of strong coffee
  • A teaspoon of honey
  • Packet Amaretti biscuits
  • 500g Tub of mascarpone
  • Vanilla essence
  • 4 squares of good quality chocolate (grated)

Begin by separating the yolks from the whites. With the 4 yolks in a bowl, add the sugar and then beat the mixture until it pales. Beat the eggwhites in a different bowl until they form soft peaks. Whip the cream until thick in a suitable container. Make a cup of really strong coffee, instant or real, just make sure it’s good and strong so you get a decent coffee flavour and stir in a teaspoon of honey. When the coffee is cold (perhaps make it earlier) put it in a bowl and add the Amaretti biscuits. Cover them with coffee then put them to the side on a plate.

Now, plop the mascarpone into a bowl and add the pale yolk and sugar mix, folding in gently. Do the same with the whipped cream, folding gently, grasping the shaft of your tool firmly and working it into a crescendo. Stir in a splash of vanilla essence and then really gently, fold in the egg whites, being carefull not to beat the air out of those fluffy whites.

For the finished pudding you will need a bowl big enough for all the ingredients you have prepared. Preferably a glass one to show off this fantastic pud. Place a layer of the coffee soaked biscuits in the bottom of your recepticle and cover them with the creamy mixture. Atop of that place the rest of the biscuits as evenly as possible and then the rest of the mixture. Finally, you need to add the grated chocolate. It is easier to grate the chocolate on to a plate first and goes without saying that it will be easier if the chocolate is cold, so use it from the fridge. Also, it looks better if you grate using the finer setting on your grater. Sprinkle the chocolate on top of the pudding.
Then bang it in the fridge for as long as possible. At the very least a couple of hours but best overnight, when the biscuits will relax a bit more. My family are all wheat intolerant, so I shall try this recipe with macaroons and will let you all know how it goes.

2 thoughts on “Tears Of My Sue AKA Tiramisu”

  1. redeye’s special friend liked the Tiramisu very much. I made it with little almond biscuits that have no wheat in, so my intolerant family can enjoy it too. I got them at Sainsbury’s (a large supermarket) so I am sure you can get them anywhere. Or just make them. I will cogitate the matter and post up a recipe. If Sensi allows……

  2. Granted. It’s all about interpretation, not necessarily origination….Or duplication, multiplication, “Fresh Nation” or “It Takes A Nation Of Jamie Olivers To Hold Us Back”.

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