Pokey Pork

As part of our pseudo North African MCC yesterday, we cooked up a tasty loin of pork. I’m not sure if the majority of our North African readers are ever likely to eat pork, but the rest was quite authentic… 🙂 We made our own harissa which was amazing and formed the main flavour of this quick recipe.


  • Olive oil
  • Salt & Pepper
  • 2 tea spoons of harissa – we made ours, but Sensi says tinned harissa is pretty good too.

Grab a reasonable sized bowl and throw in 4 good sized pork loin slabs. Pour over 3 seconds of olive oil, add a proper grind of pepper and a punch of salt. Add in the 2 tea spoons of harissa and mix it all up making sure all of the pork is fully covered.

Leave the mix to stand for a bit and then get your grill onto full heat, we’re going to grill it “carefully”, so put the grill pan on the bottom of the grill. When the pork starts to brown turn it over. This took us about 15 minutes altogether.

When done serve up with some cous cous and some tasty veg.

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