Cooking for 10 Crazy Women (and I’m still alive)

In November I had my first big cooking test, you could call it my first grading. It was Gee’s (my lady) birthday and she was having her friends round for some eating and drinking. Foolishly I offered to cook for them without actually realising what I was saying. Cooking for 10? Generally I have trouble making breakfast for the kids, despite MCC.

So I spent days deciding what to cook that wasn’t too heavy, would go well with copious amounts of alcohol and frankly was manageable by me. I settled on Thai Green Curry, the first ever MCC dish.

Gee's Birthday

I found the whole cooking for others, well, stressful; Generally it went down really well, but was it because I’m not the chef of the house or because I was being “sweet”, or was it genuinely actually ok? To my tastes it was great, which if it was just for me would be fine. Does cooking for others mean you have to find the lowest common denominator of taste to appeal to all palettes? Or do you just not worry and get on with it? I think I need more practice and if nothing else I think Gee would agree with me. šŸ™‚

9 thoughts on “Cooking for 10 Crazy Women (and I’m still alive)”

  1. Just get on with it, when you’re cooking for others. Try to make the dish as nice as possible, and otherwise, forget it. You’ll drive yourself crazy, otherwise.

    In the photo it looks like everyone is happy, I say success!

  2. I say go with it as well… but temper with your knowledge of the guests.

    Don’t know a thing… go middle of the road with heat / spice and chunks of vegetables.

    I’ve cooked for the wife’s bunco group a couple of times (12 people) and have found the “standard traditional stuff done with a bit of flare” work well.

    For me that means some chicken fajitas with a kick of chipotle seasoning and lime… or a hearty spaghetti sauce light on chunks of vegetables, but heavy on meat.

    But dessert is what they will remember… especially if you can get the weight watchers of the group going back for seconds… or thirds.

  3. You can tell, I think, from the pathetic tone to my post that I’m still mentally scarred by the whole cooking for “groups of mad women”…

    If you look in the top left of the picture you can see Lucia wryly laughing to herself at the prospect of having to eat whats in front of her… šŸ™‚

    As it happens it was enjoyable, more so than I made out above.

  4. Kathy, I think that I’ll have to add that to the tips section.

    [Does that mean then when things go really wrong you just turn off the lights altogether?]

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