How to prepare the perfect boiled egg

I’ve just found this amazing site, which gives the science of cooking a whole new meaning. It’s inspired me to add a new “science” category for the geeks among us. Here’s the formula for boiling the perfect egg. 🙂

How to prepare the perfect boiled egg

Yeh, it freaks me out too…

A quote from the article:

“As is evident from the formula, the boiling time depends on the size of the egg. For a larger egg, a longer cooking time is needed. The circumference of the egg is easily measured around the thick end using a piece of string which, after marking of the circumference of the egg, can be measured using a ruler. I have prepared a piece of string which I keep in the kitchen with three knots at 13, 14 and 15 cm respectively to make it even simpler.”

Ok then. 🙂

5 thoughts on “How to prepare the perfect boiled egg”

  1. Are you sure this guy wasn’t a derivatives banker in a former life? This formula will hardboil your brain, never mind the egg. ; )

  2. What is the variable “C”. and how to peel them? That is the problem for me. Assuming you get the shells off, Then what? Mayo or mustard, sweet or dill relish in the yolks ?And assumming you get them cooked ok, how do you keep everyone from eating them? (my favorite is mash the yolk with = amounts of butter and mayo, add sweet relish, then dust with black pepper and paprika. Eat a bunch, then call the cardio ward… or at least sleep outside for a while. now I want some myself…Mine seldom make it to the table ;=)

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