Update on the “Sesame Oil and Eczema”

Should have posted this ages ago as an update to the Sesame oil regime that I started with my son. Anyway his eczema completely disappeared after about four weeks use, he still gets a little itchy every now and again, but nothing that would indicate a full on eczema attack, so we rub in a little oil here and there…

Like i said before though, I’m no doctor, so it’s up to you if you want to try it.

We’ve been eaten and regurgitated!

Hibernating BearGood afternoon fellows of the world. We’ve been hibernating from the awful “summer” that we three Brits are having. So to get us back into the MCC madness we’d like to get some ideas for summat to cook.

Any suggestions?

Nothing too complicated, something that we can learn from and then post back here to pass on our new found pearls of wisdom (mmmm pearls).