Russian Potato Salad

Another night, another MCC, the summer hummer is upon us. This potato salad rocks and in no small part thanks to the home made mayo, which I’ll cross post another time (I’m getting fed up with saying that, still got some Tuna and Sardines to write up…). Stupidly I got so excited (really) making the mayo that I forgot o take a picture of our Russian salad friend complete, so the ingredients will have to do, shame really as it looks better fully dressed…

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Baywatch Superstar – AKA Roast Peppers, Capers and Anchovies

Tie this up with the summer hummer salad vibe, and we’re talking a flavour filled Thursday night, following the Russian from behind. Embarrassingly simple and tasty, just like your favourite Baywatch superstar.

Peppers, Capers & Anchovies

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Coming Soon M.C.C. Summer Hummer Salad Extravaganza…

Stay peeled/tuned/awake for the M.C.C. Summer Hummer Salad Extravaganza coming to a theatre near you, which, in wack-speak means me & Red-eye had a cup of coffee @ Q.V. and decided ” ‘Bout time for more kitchen capers, it’s hot, vegetables cheap, salads are easy, bang-zoom-let’s go-go”. Whatever did happen to the “Real” Roxanne?… probably running a felafel franchise or is a rep for Nisbetts in Brooklyn. 

 (Sorry Pat, but I don’t think anyone is buying into this whole Hip Hop-Catering self-referencing, Ed.)

One way to skin a tomato

Make an x shaped slit on the top of the tomato with the tip of a small knife. Cut the green core out of the other end. Boil the kettle, put tomato in a bowl and cover with hot water. After a minute or so the skin will start to split. Run it under a cold tap to avoid the flesh going mushy, and peel skin off with sharp edge of knife.

Skinned Toms

Proceed with recipe of choice i.e. salsa. For tomato concasse, cut in half after skinning, scoop out the pips and cut flesh into small diamonds(or tiny Leaning Towers of Pisas, if you wish. Knock yourself out.)

Piri Piri Prawns

So the MCC finally gets back together again. And about time too.

The Sensi and I do a bit of a mad one in Sainsbury’s and go on a mad fish bender. We start with the raw deveined prawns. I wasn’t sure what “deveined” meant , apparently it’s when the all the gak gets removed from the spine, you know all the brown nasty bits.

So this recipe is the simplest and most flippin’ delicious dish that you can imagine for such little effort. I can honestly say that this is probably the nicest prawn dish that I’ve ever had… Not bad considering Pat just made it up on the fly.

Piri Piri Prawns final

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We’re Back

After Over a year away, we’re back. The MCC is again in full force with the culinary skills of the Patmeister and the ignorance of his two disciples eager to learn the dark arts of the preperation and cooking of food.

First up is the fantastic Piri Piri Prawns… I’m salivating just thinking about it.

A few changes…

Pat’s away for a bit, so to fill in this Friday we have big Chris. We’re doing Filo pastry thingies stuffed with mushrooms and a red pepper sauce. Sounds really good but really flippin’ daunting to us cooking newbies… I still keep meaning to write up the Chick pea night, Carbanthos, Falafels and Humous, all of it was the bollox, gotta write it up.
BTW if I’m spelling these things wrong, tell me. Ta.