Floyd & Son…Me & My Dad.


I don’t know about anyone else, but for me, seeing my Dad on telly, in the newspaper or in a bookshop window for the last 20 years has been a strange, sometimes very difficult, but ultimately enriching experience. In life, we need people to identify with, to validate us, to exchange affirmations, to say “No your bum doesn’t look too big in those leiderhausen”. So, when that fickle mistress Fame comes sweeping into your life, be it directly or otherwise, it fucks with your head man. Chat to mates, lovers, wives-go to any pub, cafe, restaurant, supermarket and I’m sure you’ll be able to strike up a convo about football, women , knitting, kids, in-laws etc. But pull up a pew in your local and say “My Dad’s in the Daily Mail again” or, in my dads’ case “I bumped into that Dame Edna Evarage in Wogans green room again last week” it’s unlikely that the response will be “Me too”.

Anyway the point is all kids want are love & their mum & dads’ approval, and I’ve finally got it from my Dad. I’ve inspired him & he inspires me. So big up my Dad & check out his blog http://keithfloyduncorked.blogspot.com. WORD IS BOND, YO.

Worst Tapas in the World

I’ve just been to Gran Canaria for a week. Bloody great, generally the food was fantastic. My way to normally find the best places to eat are to look for where the locals are sitting, usually the grumpy old men types and generally this works well.

In one particular case I can’t tell how wrong this was.

Nasty Tapas

Those things on the right (the fullest bowl) were like chicken McNuggets, but worse (believe it), the luminous orange things in the middle were weird crab things that had claws hanging out of them to just to convince you they might have real food in them… The potatos were nice though with Mojo (pronounced mocho) sauce… I have to find that recipe.

We need a real camera

I’ve just added some pictures to some of the previous recipes (Veggie burgers and relish). It’s just struck me that the quality of the photos really does a massive injustice to the quality of the food that we’ve been cooking up at the MCC. We’ve always used the cameras built into our phones and always thought this ok, definatley conveniant. We started with the Sony Ericsson w800i and now we use the new Nokia N73, which is much better but still gives that washed out look and lack of depth…

So any budding foodie photgraphers that have any tips please leave us some comments and tips.. Please!

Tasty tuna teaser…

Until Mark gets back from his jolly in the sun we’re a little short on pics from recent weeks…. so, to spice up the front page with a bit of colour, here is a teaser pic of a delicious fish cake from our last session:

Tasty tuna fish cake

Check back soon for the method.

Testing the Chocolate Orange Mousse

I made the mousse again. It gets better every time. I added an extra egg white and made it just that little bit less rich. Nice.

I thought that as it’s supposed to be how to make ladies love me forever I’d give it a go on a couple of lovely ladies that I managed to drag in from the wild, and result of results, it err, well take a look.

Identities have been hidden to protect the innocent (and to stop you from turning to stone).

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The Season of the Hairy Dog Trumpet is Upon Us…Coming Soon

Enough of the summer frivolity, goodbye long days, tennis, cucumber sandwiches, lashings of ginger beer, white cider, fighting & divorce…And hello the inky blackness & deep soul of the winter. Word.

Coming up, we’ve got Sweet Potato, Bacon & Sweetcorn Chowder and Floy-deez Far-out Fajita Feast to see out the last few days of sunshine.

I’m still pondering on what to do for the next M.C.C. My young apprentice has suggested Veggie Burgers…Why not? Mind you, if someone had even mentioned the word “Veggie” in my cheffing days, they would have been pinned to the door of the walk-in fridge with my Henckel carving fork quicker than you can say “Jaimie Oliver is a talentless tosser”. Aaah, how times have changed. Yourz…The Sense.x

Food Blog of the Week… What Us?

How could I forget to tell everyone (anyone?) that we, us, the disciples of oat, actually got some recognition for being kitchen luddites. How bloody far out is that? Not only did we get “Food blog of the week” but we actually inspired “Mama” to start off the weekly awards in the first place. I here by crown myself and the MCC Sensi with a crown of linguine and basil.

This Mama Cooks! Food Blog of the Week

While I’ve been gone…

Holidays are great! You go away, you eat nice food, if you’re lucky the sun shines and you eat more nice food, time speeds up and you feel like you’ve been away forever and then you get back and nothings changed and everyone says “have you been away?”.

I’ve been back a few days now and I’ve missed two MCC’s and Sensi and Fraggle have been on an uber cook up without me. Lime noodles, Italian night with garlic bread, mozarella and avocado salad, and some penne dressed in a lovely looking tomato sauce. Not only have they started to drip feed me photo’s to make me realise all that I don’t know, there’s not even a recipe in sight… I’m not bitter, just hungry…

Italian Night