Spaghetti (South) Western & the Secret of the Lost Scrolls

Last week we went Mondo Bongo Italiano with slow cooked Tomato & Basil sauce, three colours salad & a garlic bread recipe that’s sharper than the creases in a pair of stay-press trousers. Yet, despite our best efforts, the forces of darkness were @ work that night, and the ancient scrolls containing the recipe manuscripts were stolen.At this very moment the M.C.C. is on an Indiana Jones type mission deep in the South American jungle attempting to recover the aforementioned ‘scripts. Wish us luck…MCC Sensi.

Last Nights Funkin’ MCC Rocked

Chicken Korma followed by a chocolate orange mousse. Now we know what to cook for the ladies in our lives, and err, their dads… ūüôā

I’ve actually made the mousse again already, it was so easy i can’t believe it, I’ll never buy one again… Who new you could mix egg yolks with chocolate? The recipe is coming…

Pimped by “The Food Whore”

Sent an email to the wonderfully wonderful food whore mentioning the fact that us new blogger and cooking ignoramous types could do with a little support.

In the blink of an eye and before we could debag a passing pyschology student , “The Food Whore” posted a nice recommendation to us – The MCC; and the people did start to come. We’re not quite sure what to do with people who are not us, as the MCC is an excercise in learning to cook, blogging was/is just an excercise in remembering stuff. Not that I remember anything (luckily we blogged it then!).

So hello to all you visitors from afar, we’re not sure if we should be more polite or far ruder, time will tell.

A cold rush of tomato coulis to the head

Eyes down & watch this space… Like a Star Wars franchise, we keep coming back. The M.C.C. is currently locked down in the “lab” ready to unleash¬†mucho mas¬†culinary goodness to the converted & non-believers alike. We know no boundaries or prejudice, just passion, flavours & living La Vida Loca. We are the Ricky Martins of cyberspace-tight trouser wearing, cuban heal rocking hombres of the cocina…”Back, forward-cha-cha-cha…forward, back,cha-cha-cha.”

The Soundtrack to Our Slicing

For me, music, or “La Musica” as them Spanish call it, is an integral¬†part (or “ingredient”, if you will)¬†of the M.C.C. And it adds a certain ambience to the proceedings…

This week our soundtrack was The Bees-Free The Bees, Max Romeo-War Inna Babylon, Beck-Odelay, Bubba Sparxx-Deliverance(slept on & mint cd) and Little Brother-The Listening(I loves that producer 9th Wonder, mind)

Here’s some words that rhyme-“sprout” “scout” “stout” “out” “shout” “about” and “trout”. Mmmm, fresh.

Coming Soon M.C.C. Summer Hummer Salad Extravaganza…

Stay peeled/tuned/awake for the M.C.C. Summer Hummer Salad Extravaganza coming to a theatre near you, which, in wack-speak means me & Red-eye had a cup of coffee @ Q.V. and decided ” ‘Bout time for more kitchen capers, it’s hot, vegetables cheap, salads are easy, bang-zoom-let’s go-go”. Whatever did happen to the “Real” Roxanne?… probably running a felafel franchise or is a rep for Nisbetts in Brooklyn.¬†

¬†(Sorry Pat, but I don’t think anyone is buying into this whole Hip Hop-Catering self-referencing, Ed.)

Don’t Call It A Comeback..etc

Just getting to grips with this whole posting malarky, so please bear with me. Any road up- Yes, it’s Offishscale, the (soon to be) MIGHTY M.C.C. is bizzack for the…six, so word to Mrs. Beeton, and let’s get involved. Got any comments, ideas, questions..? Then hit us up, and we’ll do what we can.Okay? okay. Be seeing you. Pat. (M.C.C. Sensi)

We’re Back

After Over a year away, we’re back. The MCC is again in full force with the culinary skills of the Patmeister and the ignorance of his two disciples eager to learn the dark arts of the preperation and cooking of food.

First up is the fantastic Piri Piri Prawns… I’m salivating just thinking about it.

A few changes…

Pat’s away for a bit, so to fill in this Friday we have big Chris. We’re doing Filo pastry thingies stuffed with mushrooms and a red pepper sauce. Sounds really good but really flippin’ daunting to us cooking newbies… I still keep meaning to write up the Chick pea night, Carbanthos, Falafels and Humous, all of it was the bollox, gotta write it up.
BTW if I’m spelling these things wrong, tell me. Ta.

I forgot summit

For our listening pleasure, we had definitive mellow mastercuts vol.1 and sum new detroit/philly soul type ish “Platinum Pied Pipers”.I thought it was a wack call and response d.j./m.c. garage(gertdirge) type outfit.How wrong I was.Twas proppa mint.Gwan triple p!