How to prepare the perfect boiled egg

I’ve just found this amazing site, which gives the science of cooking a whole new meaning. It’s inspired me to add a new “science” category for the geeks among us. Here’s the formula for boiling the perfect egg. 🙂

How to prepare the perfect boiled egg

Yeh, it freaks me out too…

A quote from the article:

“As is evident from the formula, the boiling time depends on the size of the egg. For a larger egg, a longer cooking time is needed. The circumference of the egg is easily measured around the thick end using a piece of string which, after marking of the circumference of the egg, can be measured using a ruler. I have prepared a piece of string which I keep in the kitchen with three knots at 13, 14 and 15 cm respectively to make it even simpler.”

Ok then. 🙂