How to Make Ladies Love You Forever – AKA COM

Chocolate Orange Mousse. Chocolate Orange Mousse. Chocolate Orange Mousse. Ok. I’ll stop now. It’s thick, strong, rich and chocolatey – just like me (ok, two out of four’s not bad). This recipe is so easy and the rewards so great, it’s irresistable.

Choc Orange Mousse

Ingredients for the mousse of doom are

  • 200g of Dark chocolate (Green & Blacks?)
  • 1 Orange
  • 4 Eggs

I’m looking at that huge list of ingredients and laughing to myself still.

First lets deal with the orange, we need to get the “zest”. Get out the grater and using the little holes gently scrape of the peel. Not too heavy as we don’t want any of the pith – it makes things bitter you know. Do this until the whol orange is “white” and you have a little pile of orange caterpillar poo, umm, sorry zest.

Orange Zest


Now for a bay marie, bam marie, or summat. You know this has right put me off the name marie. Anyway, put some water in a pan and heat it up. Magically balance a bowl on top of the pan so the steam heats up the bowl. The water need not be bubbling, just hot. Break up the chocolate and drop it into the bowl and it will slowly melt. Apparently if we just stuck it into a pan it would go all grainy. Be patient it will go, give it a stir every now and again.

Now we need to seperate the eggs while the choc is melting. Eh? Seperate eggs? Crack open an egg gently, pour it into your hand and let the white drip through the cracks between your fingers into a bowl, be gentle, don’t break the yolk, maybe pass the yolk to your other hand and then back again. Leaving you just the yolk which can go into another bowl. Do all four and luvley jubbly.

The white should be in a big bowl as we are going to whisk it into a frenzy. So get yer strong arm on or wuss out and use a mechanical one (not a mechanical arm a whisk), either way you want a fluffy cloud like mixture, with “peaks that don’t fall”.

By now the chocolate should’ve melted and you can add the zest and squeeze in the juice from the Orange too. Remove the bowl from marie (ouwch!) and pour the juice in slowly and stir it into the chocolate. Next stir in the egg yolks. It’s things like this that us folk who are ignorant of cooking just wouldn’t believe… Raw yolks mixed with chocolate? Who new?

Nearly done… Once all that lot is nicely combined, we add it to the egg whites, stirring it in as we go. By the time all of the mix is in it will look like mousse, although I was scared for a bit as it just looked like frothy mud for a minute or two.

Scoop the mousse out and put into small bowls, this makes enough for four decent small bowls, and put in the fridge for a bit. Although if you are making this for the fairer sex then, just leave it in the big bowl and tell her it’s in the fridge. šŸ™‚

This is a heavy mousse (GU?), which is fine by me, but apparently you can add another egg white to fluff it up a bit more.

The pictures are a bit dodgy this time, sorry ’bout that, i’ll turn the light off of the W800i next time.

11 thoughts on “How to Make Ladies Love You Forever – AKA COM”

  1. You do know… you can substitute Grand Mariner for the orange juice, right?

    Or, uh, skip the orange thing all together and add Bailey’s Irish Creme? (I once made chocolate ice cream and added so much Bailey’s it wouldn’t re-freeze again. We ate it like soup and agreed it was just fine.)

    Not that there’s a thing wrong with this mousse. I would swoon at the sight of it, myself.

    Just sayin’.

    Keep up the good cooking!

  2. Julie, I know nothing… šŸ™‚

    But now I know I can get pissed and eat chocolate at the same time. So, not only do I know more than I did before I read your comment, I’m also much happier. šŸ™‚


  3. I’ve gone back and forth on this. For days. I mean, we readers should be wholeheartedly enthusiastic for your efforts. We should be giving you figurative slaps on the back for your striving to surmount incredible odds (drunk men making edible food?). However. In the interest of your love life, at least, you should dress up your mousse. Give it a top of chantilly cream. Pipe it, or add a flower. Elsewise, it looks like a rather generous stool sample.
    But I’m happy that it tastes good.

  4. hahah. Believe it or not, we had a small heated discussion about this. It was the functional vs form thing. Half of us wanted to add little orange gooseberries with lovely little green leaves, a sprinlking of nuts etc, whilst the other half said “don’t be soft, are we the Mens Cookery Club or not?”, the reply then went “but do you want to impress your lady and get dessert dessert?”, we all then agreed that flowers, small fruits, nuts, cream, whatever, was definitley a worthwhile investment.

    What suggestions does anybody have for adding a little colour?

  5. As our beloved MCC Sensi points out, the fellows of the MCC neither drink nor smoke whilst forging their culinary delights. As it happens we find it hard enough to get these things right being sober. šŸ™‚ How would I ever remember what to blog if we were drinking?

  6. Your bay marie, by the way, is actually a “bain-marie” — and on this side of the puddle we call it a double boiler, in our ploddingly mundane colonial way.

  7. hi there!! I’ve tried out the choco mousse but added another 1 egg white!!
    Fluffy, yummy & amazingly simple!!
    Definitely an avid fan of this blog now! =)

  8. this is a brilliant recipe, i have made it twice using 2 different ratios of egg – chocolate, first i followed the recipe, second which i found a lot nicer was using 6 eggs to 200g of chocolate, it was much lighter and didnt go hard on top in the fridge. mmmmmmm lovely

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