We need a real camera

I’ve just added some pictures to some of the previous recipes (Veggie burgers and relish). It’s just struck me that the quality of the photos really does a massive injustice to the quality of the food that we’ve been cooking up at the MCC. We’ve always used the cameras built into our phones and always thought this ok, definatley conveniant. We started with the Sony Ericsson w800i and now we use the new Nokia N73, which is much better but still gives that washed out look and lack of depth…

So any budding foodie photgraphers that have any tips please leave us some comments and tips.. Please!

11 thoughts on “We need a real camera”

  1. I use a Panasonic DMC-FZ20 for the pictures on Mako’s Kitchen (http://makoskitchen.com).

    It works well for me, has great low light capability and good close-up focus.

    It’s not overly expensive as a DSLR but still enables expansion and full control of the camera.

    Good luck

  2. Thanks Graydon.

    I like the disclaimer and the philosophy of your site btw. We hardly ever use real measurements as I get bogged down by the precision of most of it, which is why we measure liquids in seconds, salt in pinches and larger quantities in punches, etc…

  3. If you look in the top right-hand corner you can see someone(brown deck shoes) has clocked the quality of the tapas and is about to make good their exit.

  4. If you’re serious (and you are) you should be looking at a proper DSLR. With new models coming out the prices for a Nikon D70 should be lowest ever. I’ve had mine for a couple years and it is wonderful. Get a decent Micro-Nikkor macro lens to go with it (the 105mm with Vibration Reduction is worth checking out) and a flash you can move off camera. Hope this helps! – j

  5. Hi Jeff, as it happens at the MCC last night Fraggle and Phatty turned up with posh, expensive looking digital cameras (details guys?) so hopefully the pictures are going to start looking a little sexier. I think we’re also going to start using Flickr for all of the pix so that we can show the world just how ugly we all really are… ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Hey Jeff… we’re going to use my EOS 350d for a spell and see how that goes. Of course, any Digital SLR is only going to be as good as the hands it’s in so I’d better figure out how to use it properly I guess ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Ahh, Fraggle, I fear that living in a lighthouse and having a hand from a denizen of Jim Henson controlling your every movement is taking its toll.

  8. Don’t know what camera she’s using now, but you may want to talk to Kathy Maister at StartCooking.com. I know that she’s been experimenting a great deal with the best way to make food look great on her blog.

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