Chapati, Chiapatta, Chiapata

Ok, I admit it, I don’t know how to spell it. Suffice to say that I will stand corrected by the hoards (!) of readers appalled at my ignorance. Anyway we made chapata bread to go with the Dahl we made last week. It was an un-necessary detail that actually rounded the meal off beautifully.

Chap Pan


  • 1 D-cup of Whole meal flour
  • 1 D-cup of chick pea flour
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt
  • 1/2 a mug of warm water
  • butter

“D-cup” are your standard fair bra sizes, but before you grab your better halfs bra from the wardrobe, you may want to put your hands together to form a bowl and fill that up instead.

This is my first foray into making bread and although apparently yeast is a normal thing in bread (to make it rise so they say) this kind of bread doesn’t rise and is really really quick to make.

After having fun with a bra, empty the flour into a bowl, and pour in five seconds of the olive oil (make sure it has a slow pourer) and throw in a good punch of salt. Also work in the warm water a bit at a time. Mix this up until the dough is a nice workable consistancy, not to gloopy, not too hard, think play dough or plasticine. If it’s not malleable enough add a touch more water, if it’s too gooey add a touch more flour…

Once you’re happy, let it rest, cover the bowl with a damp cloth and leave it for 20 mins. Honestly I can’t remember why you do this, so perhaps someone can remind me…


Anway 20 mins later, sprinkle some flour on your work top and your rolling pin. We didn’t have a rolling pin so our tool of choice was an old wine bottle which worked great. Grab your dough out of the bowl, knead it, roll it, and generally man handle it and then grab yourself a good handfull and flatten with the rolling pin, it needs to be thin. I think we got about 10 patties.

Heat up a frying pan to a medium to high heat, add a knob of butter and chuck in your first pattie, give it about 30 seconds to a minute each side, it should be a bubbly brown colour. Do the lot and you’re ready to scoop up the fabulous curry that you’ve just made…

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  1. A cheap shot at “borrowing” the missus-iz-iz underwear…Tonight, Matthew(or is it Cat Dealey these days, who knows? who cares?) I’m going to be Dolly Parton as a transvestite baker…

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