We’ve been quiet.

It’s funny we’ve been doing MCC for about 5 months this year last year, and for the most of the time it was fantastic. A true learning experience, not just the cooking, but the blog, the social side of it, the confidence building and probably many other things.

Now though, the MCC has new beginnings, we’ve lost our Sensi to the real world, and we the remaining MCC disciples worriedly look around for a master to lean on. So until we find a new Sensi, we’re going to dip in and out of local chefs and get a different angle on things. It’s a bit like “Have I got news for you” losing Angus Deaton and replacing him with different people every week, never quite the same but entertaining never the less.

Our Next MCC is next week and we’ll be doing a Steak and Kidney pie, which really, I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to it. Apparently it’s dead easy…

One thought on “We’ve been quiet.”

  1. It has to be said, I’m pretty hungry.

    Our Sensi shall be missed, and never forgotten… especially when I’m scraping the burnt bits off my toast.

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