Ris Alamande aka Almond Rice Pudding

Why do they always pick on the chubby one for puddings? I mean, if I don’t already have enough to contend with; what with the weather and various “other things”. Anyway, we all have our cross to bear and mine is clearly a little wobbly around the edges. Onwards, dear reader, for today we shall remember christmas. A Danish one to be precise. The Danes celebrate christmas on the 24th December and call it Jul (Yule) which I believe translates as “wheel”, which is rather apt. They also all eat the same thing. None of the ambiguities of the english version. There will be a Roast duck, Flaeske steg (roast pork), red cabbage and caramelised potatoes. After that, they have Ris Alamande and before, during and after there will be much drinking and merriment, I sometimes like to add Oat Bran to my puddings, since is so good and healthy.

For some extra girth, you will need

  • 85g pudding rice
  • 150ml (1/4 pint) water
  • 500ml (1 pint) milk
  • 1 teasponn of vanilla essence
  • 2 to 3 punches of sugar
  • 50g almonds (whole and blanched)
  • 300ml (just over 1/2 a pint) whipping cream

You need to be quite precise with these measurements. So investing in scales and a measuring jug would be a good thing. Alternatively, you may know of a “girl” that has “domestic equipment”. Be not afraid of them, they will help you. What’s more, 85g of pudding rice really doesn’t look like much but do not be fooled into adding more. This rice will soon absorb all the liquid.So, to get going, in a pan large enough to hold the ingredients, add the rice, water, milk and sugar and bring to the boil. When bubblation is reached, turn down the heat for some simmeration.

img_2574.JPG img_2580.JPG
Now, you have options here. 1/. Simmerate for 15 mins. Remove pan from heat and wrap it up in a duvet. Oh yes! A duvet indeed. Or some big thick blankets, or a couple of your mum’s winter coats. Don’t ask her, she won’t mind. The idea is to keep all that heat in. Leave your package on the side and tomorrow, or at least 12 hours later, it will be rice pudding.
img_2583.JPG img_2584.JPG

2/. Just simmer it for about 40 minutes or until the rice has absorbed the liquid. Not sloppy either mind, or you will end up with some kind of pudding / soup hybrid. Either way, the pudding needs to be cold for the next bit. With method 1 you will have a cold pudd but with method 2 you must wait.

Do not worry if it looks a bit stodgy, Stodgy at this stage is good, when we add the whipped cream, it will loosen up. Whip the cream in a manly fashion with a whisk, or use an electric version. Get the cream nice and stiff but don’t go to far or you will end up with butter. Next you must gently fold the whipped cream into the rice. Fold?, I hear you ask. The idea is not to mix it to hard. This will just get rid of the air you just beat into it. You just want to combine the rice and cream.


Finally, crush up the almonds keeping one whole one to the side. Best way is to put them in a clear plastic bag and beat them with a rolling pin, or a wooden spoon. You will end up with crushed nuts. Take a while to get your breath back then carry on. Fold your nuts into the pudding gently, including the whole one. Whoever gets the whole almond, wins a prize, usually a car, or a smallish country.


This pudding is traditionally served with a cherry sauce and, there is fierce debate in Denmark as to whether it should be a hot or a cold sauce. How the long winter evenings must fly by. Don’t get involved – use your favourite jam. Cherry, blackberry, raspberry…. whichever you fancy. You can even heat some up and join the debate. Careful you don’t burn your tongue though.


Incidentally, this pudding goes rather well with the following choons: B52’s – “6060-842”, The Clash – “White Man in Hammersmith Palais” and Ian Dury and The Blockheads – “Sweet Gene Vincent”

9 thoughts on “Ris Alamande aka Almond Rice Pudding”

  1. Quite creative with duvets, the Danes…

    So here’s a question: I have a jar of ridiculously expensive orange and white chocolate sauce. I need a perfect pud that’s sort of everyday in nature (you know how it is, save things for a special occasion and you’re either too full of firsts, or too drunk to appreciate seconds). Anyway, I need something more enticing than ice-cream which is the very boring suggestion on the jar.

    Any thoughts oh foody friends?

  2. Orange and white chocolate sauce….
    could you put it in a crepe with some cointreau? perhaps a touch of zest to garnish for a nice presentation?

  3. mmmmm that tiled floor looks rather familiar – a bit like the one you fell onto the other night after much alcohol….that duvet also looks familiar. While my husband and I were sleeping under it the other night in your front room, I did wonder where the faint milky whiff came from… glad to know it was from your rice puddings. Interesting to notice that the carnivores you are seem to be mainly posting vegetarian recipes. Is there a little vegetarian inside you all trying to break out? Don’t fight it x

  4. and all the kings horses and all the kings men couldn’t put poor phatty together again…

  5. i was the person lucky enough to be the chief taster on this amazing pudding. i served it with a Bon Mammon, Charries and berries jam. and boy it went down extremely well, even with people who said they didn’t like rice pudding. it aint like the english pud, so dont be put off if hot rice pud has never floated your boat. good one Phatty x

  6. I’m thinking jam sponge with expensive sauce instead of jam might be interesting. But possibly too appealing to children who would then insist on sharing. Crepes however would be extremely yummy, and the booze componant could prove to be very very moreish. I even have one of those special curly zester jobs to make the presentation worthy of Nigella.

    Might be onto a winner there Phatty. If it’s good I’ll send you a jar.

  7. No debate at all. Of course the cherry sauce has to be warm. All danes know that 😉

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