Sesame Oil and Eczema

My boy(7) gets eczema on his arms, it’s nothing compared to some of the people out there, nevertheless it’s highly irritating for him and he scratches it until it bleeds. We took him to the doctors and asked not to be given any steroid cream and were given an alcohol based cream instead. The idea of these creams is to allow the skin to retain any moisture that it has and soothe the itching. Once I’d found this out I though that I’d investigate some alternatives that would allow the skin to “breathe” a little easier and maybe be a bit more medicinal in the process.

Sesame Oil for some reason popped into my mind, so I did a little research on the web and found that it’s been used for thousands of years for medicinal uses. Ayurveda advise the massaging of the body every morning with Sesame oil for its “healing” properties. It turns out that it is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral…

Now, make no mistake that I’m no Doctor, or Ayurvedic practioner, but I thought that I’d rub some into my sons arms every morning and evening and see how we got on. Max, hates having any kind of thing put on him (chicken pox and calamine lotion was a nightmare), I finally managed to get him to let me rub a little on and he pretty much instantly said that it felt less itchy and could I put it on the other arm. This was great.

So, we’ve been putting it on twice a day for just about a week now and the improvement is fantastic. The sore/itchy patches have died right down and his scratching has almost stopped. When you first put it on, it looks inflamed slightly, but I think that might just be the light shining on the oil. I’ve also started adding a little to the bath as well which is cool for having a shave in the bath (not Max, Me… 🙂 )

The oil lasts for ages and is much cheaper than than the stuff you get from the chemist. If you want to try this please investigate for yourself first, we may just be lucky. The Sesame oil that you need should be “cold pressed” and as pure as you can get, organic is preferable.

I’ll update this again in a few weeks as a bit of a progress report. I know this is off topic, but I know so many people locked into the “pharma lifestyle” because we live in a society that “treats” the symptoms of disease as opposed to trying prevent it. I’d much rather Max had Sesame oil than anything the Doctor provides if it consistently works, which still remains to be seen.

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  1. That’s great news. I’ve known a number of people who’ve had this condition, so I kind of know how frustrating it can be.

    My mom’s side (Italian decent, I’m American) has a long history of using a dab of olive oil for skin moisturizing an any number of other miracle cures.

    If this is working, that’s great, but you really should discuss it with his doc before too long. There’s a number of palative cares that can make conditions worse over time.

    It’s kind of ironic that you mention wanting to prevent the disease, not treat the symptom, when this is exactly what you are doing. There’s nothing wrong with that, its just that’s a normal knock against mainstream medicine that actually usually applies to the naturepathy users who throw the accusation around.

    That said, by all means, we should always be concerned by what goes in (or on, in this case) our bodies. Coming from a plastic bottle isn’t and indictment, and having an organic label isn’t an assurance of safety. I wouldn’t grind up a peach pit and add it to my coffee* any more than I’d skip reading the literature that comes with antacids.

    Good luck and good health.

    *I actually found that advice once in a book. Scary.

  2. Yes you’re right I did contradict myself, I think I might have started to want to rant and frankly should keep my topics separate. Although in this case my brain was referring to the Ayuveda which recommends light massage with Sesame oil everyday as part of a healthy lifestyle, I just didn’t convey that as my limbic side took over. 🙂

    I don’t do alternative medicines as such, but the Vedic stuff fascinates me since I discovered their maths system, which is highly effective.

    I agree with you also about the organic label, just when presented with a choice I’d go for the organic one over the one that’s not.

    I don’t think this is a cure (never mind a miracle one), it just seems to show an improvement in a short space of time, although it could be just the fact that the itching is less so he’s not aggravating it as much. Interestingly though Sesame oil does have a lot of interesting properties, one of which is cooking apparently.

    As it goes I would grind up a peach pit and add it to my coffee as long as it had really psychedelic side effects. 🙂

  3. Never underestimate the power of the non-medicinal. Every winter my elbows are so miserable with eczema I want to scratch them right off my arms, but I am very leery to use steroids. I have found that Burt’s Bees Marshmallow Vanishing Creme works for me. Go figure. This makes me chuckle since it reminds me of one of the early episodes of “All Creatures Great and Small” when a farmer leans toward James Herriot and whispers “Marshmallow ointment…” in his ear. I’m glad your boy is getting some relief. I will certainly try your sesame suggestion if my remedy should someday fail to do the trick. Since there is no actual “cure” for eczema, only to arrest the symptoms, I see no reason not to try any reasonable avenue if it is safe and legal.

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  5. Wow sesame oil for eczema never real thought of that but my wife gets eczema and I will have to get her to give that a try.


  6. Almond oil works very well too. It’s the only stuff I’ve ever used (and I’ve tried a lot) that actually makes the eczema go away (apart from the cortico-steroid creams). Weleda has a good one. Not much use for cooking though 🙂

  7. Interesting post redeye.. I am taking 3tsp of hemp oil a day at the moment, which apparently with all the omega properties helps keep your skin moist.

    It also works well rubbed on your skin in the bath or shower where you would loose alot of your skins natural moisture. Only down side is it’s fairly expensive and doesn’t get you high :o)

  8. SJ, There’s a later post than this where I post the results… My boy now has no Eczema at all.

    I tried hemp oil and while it keeps the skin moist and is better than a lot of the other prescribed ointments I found it didn’t do the business for me.

    Sesame is cheap as you like and lasts ages… I’ve started using it for shaving instead of poncey shaving foams and oils…

  9. I’m sitting here eating these sesame sticks and was wondering, typed in “sesame excema” on google and found this blog. I’m a 46 year old male who’s had excema all his life. It got particularly
    bad this year, pretty much all over. Losing sleep from scratching in sleep and making it itch worse. I’m trying alternatives to hydrocort though I supplement with it yet.

    But just eating this sesame snack seems to have helped me a little. I take flax oil orally, and have been using olive oil instead of butter on bread. I have increased my water intake. Singular has helped my allergies.

    I seem to notice I get some worse when the vinegar content builds up in foods. I used to put a lot of ketchup on stuff. My allergist also said that although I noticed milk gastrointestinally, it can also manifest itself in skin rash. So I have all but cut out icecream – I already was using soy and rice milk for daily cereal. For a link to the vinegar issue, look at
    or related pages. I don’t know for sure if vinegar is my enemy yet.

    my address is damtalldave at gmail dot com if anyone wants to correspond, though I have bookmarked this blog.

  10. oils I have tried:
    UDO’s – may amerliorate things a bit but can’t tell as don’t have stable excema
    olive – maybe a mild palliative
    cod liver – totally impractical as everything smells of it

    Will try sesame as mentioned here and almond as well

    Note that some people can be allergic to sesame oil though see:

  11. Sesamy oil in ayurveda is considered to be pitha, means warming so it might not be the very best oil unless tradition says so! Generally the people having a rather pitha constitution are getting releaved with sunflower oil which has a cooling effect. Sesamy oil is rather warming you up and it might not be the best thing for suffering from czema! However if it worked, fine! Coco nut oil is the oil which is really cooling but it smells… You may also like to try castor oil. Edgard Cayce was using it a lot. Look into this…
    Kindly look into it.
    Hubert from France

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  13. My doctor’s Ayurvedic nurse recommended I cover my whole body with warm sesame oil (expeller pressed) at night and then sleep in loose old long sleeved pj’s. The next morning I shower with luke-warm water and use glycerine soap to remove the dead cells that the sesame oil helps to slough off. I press ice to the itchy spots, take an antihistamine and get through the night. I put more oil on in the morning and carry a cup of ice with me. It does make my skin soft seems to be working. I also recommed the book Eczema-Free for Life by Adnan Nasir, MD.

  14. My son who is also 7 has horrible eczema. Two days ago, it covered both thighs down to his calves. After putting hydrocortisone on it after his oatmeal bath, he screamed for almost 1/2 hour saying it was buring. The next morning I stopped at a local wellness center that takes a holistic approach and bought an ointment called whole skin ointment. It only has 4 ingredients, the base being sesame seed oil. Well, my husband and I were stunned. By the morning, my sons legs looked at least 50% better and he said they weren’t itchy anymore. Now 2 day later, his legs are close to being cleared up. We have tried EVERTHING up to this point and nothing has come close to this. He doesn’t mind the feel of it on his skin, unlike all the other creams and lotions we’ve tried. I can’t believe that the doctors won’t even suggest something like this when nothing else has worked. My son has gone through so much due to skin. It has effected him playing sports, etc. I hope it continues to work. It is such a relief to finally find something that can help him.

  15. At first my son didn’t like the smell of the ointment, but we made a joke out of it and told him he smells like squirrel food. He better watch out when he goes outside that the squirrels don’t chase him. (it smells pretty nutty). I may just try the plain sesame oil. The jar I bought was $39.00 for 1.8 oz. Pretty costly, but well worth it, since it worked.

  16. I’ve been having tremendous success with a combination of Hemp Chanvre Body Butter (from the Body Shop) and a natural Vitamin E supplement. I suspect Vitamin E deficiency to be at fault in my specific case, and the body butter doesn’t sting when you put it on like most lotions, and the moisture really does stay there. My excema is disappearing wherever I moisturize! So this is my way, I suppose, of solving the problem from the inside with Vitamin E (based on the finding of a study expounded upon here: while taking care of my symptoms and decreasing the ‘need’ to further irritate the rash with nails by using the hemp. Vitamin deficiency is an interesting point to examine. I’d recommend keeping track of your diet and plugging into a program like NutriCalc 2.0 for a week or two. You might discover a deficiency that could be contributing to the condition.

  17. It is interesting to read the experiences of others, as I have found though, the real treatment for this scourge is, as one recognized, treating the symptoms of anything can be a expensive ongoing pain. So, treatment from the inside out is often the best and final way to rid oneself of any dis-ease. Eczema is a manifestation of high acid levels of the blood (even the slightest high) due to wrong food ingestation. Which in fact is the most common cause of any dis-ease. Taking a blood test of acid /akaline levels is of great benefit and testing for moulds in the blood. Once moulds enter the blood stream big problems can start. A friend of mine was suffering from skin problems and urine infections which made her life and sex life hell, so the search for a cure, not a symptom reliever, began. And it came down to those things I mentioned earlier. So, with a clean alkaline diet with proper nutrition free from PRESERVATIVES was essential. Patience and a determination to be free from the cause is also an important factor….Remmbering something VERY IMPORTANT, This type of disease is circular it feeds on itself..As you suffer the symptoms and the discomfort effects the bodys emotional equaliberium, the imbalance of the emotions cause high acid in the blood feeding the symptoms once more..So, a full understanding of YOU is very important..We become what we ingest. An old indian tale….Two wolves were in an indians camp. One wolf was a positive good wolf, the other was negative and no good…The small bay asked the chief which of these wolves will prevail in our camp? The chief answered…”the one you feed”. Take care, Friends

  18. Myself, my husband and our boy have eczema and we have a family member with psoriasis. I have started making a lotion out of mainly sesame oil (with coconut oil, beeswax and aloe in there, too) and it works SO WELL. We had a steroid cream for our boy but it didn’t do much. Healed the worst of it but didn’t get rid of it. I totally believe that sesame oil works wonders.

    Our family member also said that my lotion has helped his psoriasis more than anything else!

  19. Glad your son is better. I have had that on my lower leg and ankle ( due to wearing of boots in a mining operation ) Dont know if it is sold in the UK, but I have used “corn huskers” lotion, to good effect. or ” bag balm ” ( dont laugh, I live in a farming community). . Olive oil works, But like Julie says, what is on the inside , reveals itself on the outside. Perhaps an alergic reaction to — what — I dont know. Everyone is differrent. I love peanut butter, but it sends a friend of mine into anaphalactic shock. ( what, from a little leguem? yeah. I have friends that cannot eat tomatoes, or oysters, shrimp milk or corn. I used to get gout, frequently, which is nothing but excess uric acid build up ( and by the way, red (tart) cherry juice ( not black cherry or cherry flavor juice drinks or cherry ice cream!!) helps with that. Along with alot of water.( not soda or beer )you should be peeing at least a half gallon per day, …if not you are not, you are not drinking enough water, barring those who might be on dyalisis, and fluids are restricted ). Eczema is painful for sure. and embarassing, (can’t go swimming, etc) I guess, for a teenager, but hopefully he will grow out of it. Or not – I am 50 and still get the occasional zit;) genetics I guess. tom

  20. By the way,I am not an’t aginst modern medicines. I used to use colhicene for gout. From what I have read, it is drived from the crysanhhtium flower, by the Japanese folk, many centuries ago. Modern Drs.will prescibe it but only sparingling, cause they sill do not understand all it actions ( I can tell you, nausea, vomiting, and diareha.and dehydration when taken to excess) All medicines are given by God Includinging even aspirin ( derived from birtch trees) and the derivitaves ( Nasiads – very useful to me recently when I broke an arm and ribs) and opiates, think hash, heroin, cocaine, etcc. or narcotics. All of these are potential problems, as is alcohol, nicotine( a poison ussed to eradicate fleas in sheep and cattle around here ). Get off your high horse of indignation.. I am smoking a ciggarette, and having a beer as I write this. I know the health risks. I am not driving or endangering anyones life. ( unlike the persons I see talking or texting on the their cell phones while driving; but excuseee meee, that is ok.) Just be smart and aware, and teach your kids. A person can drown in a bath tub, but does that mean no one should bathe? People have been killed while driving or flying, or while traveling on ships. Guess that means I must walk everywhere from now on. If a problem repeatedly occurs, then it is cause for concern. otherwise not.

  21. julie is so right. alkaline diet, also check for candida. the way the body eliminates is 3 ways – though the mouth, defecating, and the skin (the largest organ). eczema has a cure – it’s from the inside out and it’s not from the outside in. no steroid cream, no antihistamine, none of that western medicine will ever cure you. it will only suppress the dis-ease and keep you paying those doctors who says ‘oh, its eczema, no cure, just put this on and come back for a refill”. i prefer the holistic appoarch of the ‘cure’. the body is amazing and can rid itself of anything. we are awesomely made. i am winning the battle just by changing my diet, my mindset and getting some Vitamin D the natural way. trust yourself. peace.

  22. Eczema can be managed by using corticosteroids to reduce inflammation and an antihistamine to reduce itching. it is also wise to avoid dairy products and nuts if you have food allergy.

  23. Hi Anne, It’s just straight up organic cold pressed Sesame Oil. Rubbed in twice a day on to the affected areas…

  24. Hello Patrick,
    I stumbled upon your blog via your father’s blog… Firstly I would like to say I am very sorry for your loss…
    I was lucky enough to meet Floyd when he was filming his Floyd on Oz series in Adelaide, South Australia, and enjoyed a fun-filled Sunday afternoon Cocktail Party hosted by Floyd in his Presidential Suite at the Hyatt, along with David Pritchard, my family and some friends, followed by dinner at Maximillians Restaurant in the Adelaide Hills. He made quite an impression on me at the time; I was in my 20’s and we hit it off immediately… I have some fantastic photos from that day to treasure. I was very saddened to hear the news of his passing… I will remember him fondly.
    I was interested to read your blog about Eczema and sesame oil… My daughter has eczema and food allergies to nuts and sesame, so needless to say, I would not be able to try this out on her, but I will definitely recommend to many of my customers, who also have children with eczema and various food allergies. You may be interested to visit my website Star Allergy Alerts ( I created this range of products when my daughter Stella was diagnosed with food allergies, and to make others more aware when we (and others) are out and about. You may know some parents/children who could benefit from these products… ?
    I look forward to hearing back back from you soon… bye for now!
    Kind Regards,
    Donna Rendell

  25. In India, as mentioned, Sesame Oil has been used for everything related to skin conditions for years. But then I believe we had less of allergies and munch lesser number of diseases. Ayurveda treats the person not the disease. So its each for his own and hence one that works for me might not for you. Might need to add some or delete some to get it right.
    I am glad to know your son has been cured. I have been suffering from a certain condition on my fingers where in they get inflamed if i touch anything with detergent, tamarind, red -chili etc. A doctor i saw told me its due to the heat. My Ayurveda doc told me i have a blood contamination. I wonder what to do. for now the fingers are cured my a mix of diprovate G and oleander cream. But there are break-outs happening in other parts which is worrying. I do use a mix of sesame and wheatgerm oil at night on my body.

  26. @ momof3

    what mixture did you get from your wellness center? what other ingredients were in it?

    i know this is an old post, but i do hope you’ll still check in 🙂

    our son as severe eczema, on his face and his body. we are trying out different things, we also used to use cortison creams as the doctors told us to, but had to find out the hard way they make everything worse.

    recently we were feeding him sesame sticks and pumpkin seen bread and his face cleared up almost completely, but we didnt make the connection until we stopped feeding him these. we then found out through research on the internet about the zinc in the sesame seeds, and how a lack of zinc is a major problem in eczema, and started feeding him sesame again. we are seeing some improvement now (after one day). he is only 15 months old, so he cant tell us what makes the itch stop, but we wanted to say how amazing we find it, that Dave Rasmussen felt some relief just from eating the sesame sticks, perhaps our son feels the same relief!
    we are now concentrating on feeding him lots of foods with a high zinc concentration, but will definitely try the sesame oil on his body aswell!!
    we are very exited about this.. it is incredible how the doctors cant suggest anything else then cortisone when there are different approaches… my husband never trusts the doc…

  27. @Laura, try the sesame oil – cold pressed organic. The make does’t matter. Would be great to hear your results if you try it…?

  28. Redeye thank you so much! I used sesame oil in my eczema and now after 3 days it’s almost gone!!! I used cortizone, calendula lotion, coconut oil with tumeric, garlic but didn’t work. So i tried sesame oil and voila! I will share it. Thnks again!

  29. I know it’s an old thread but just wanted to share my experience.
    My baby boy is 5 months old only and for the last 3 months his eczema has drove us insane. I have tried most things advised. The steroid creams and ointments our doctor prescribed made the matters much worse so of course those went to the bin and I started looking for alternatives. So far we have tried olive,coconut,flax,sunflower and almond virgin oils,shea and cocoa butters,Epsom salt and oat baths, his own urine,calendula and chickweed compresses. I’m vegan so no dairy or eggs ( I nurse him) but I have also eliminated quite few things from my diet to try and see if I could find what triggers it for him. Nothing helped. Calamine lotion is the only thing that helps his itch for few hours. I have been advised sesame oil and really did not hold much hope. I got it this morning and applied it on him right away and thought he seemed to scratch less when I was changing his diaper I even forgot that I put it in him. Then he had a nap. Almost no scratching.After he woke up I gave him a bath and reapplied the oil.Now he is asleep next to me,his second nap of the day and there has not been 1 attempt to scratch.Not one! And it happens to be a very hot day today and that’s when the scratching is the worst! I am holding my breath 😳

  30. Thanks for your comment. Really pleased that you’ve seen an improvement. One thing that I’ve learned over the years since this post is that you need to keep the oil fresh. My son uses it to shave and leaves the lid off the bottle. We found that after a few months the oil became ineffective at best and at worst might make skin more irritated. So, always keep the lid on, keep in a cool place, and don’t use after the use by date – essentially like a food. Makes sense really 🙂

  31. Thank you so much, am gonna try it! My son is seriously undergoing stress due to severe itching😌

  32. I have eczema and that too on my face, tried everything; even got it treated by the best dermatologist in town for almost a year but it didn’t work out. We Indians use turmeric a lot in everything so started applying a mix of turmeric and coconut oil and it did wonders to my skin. I think it has reduced the inflammation to 80% in 3 months of time also yoga has been great support all this while! So I think it’s a journey, perhaps a lot of trials and errors will make you learn what’s best for your son and might not work for other people!

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