Update on the “Sesame Oil and Eczema”

Should have posted this ages ago as an update to the Sesame oil regime that I started with my son. Anyway his eczema completely disappeared after about four weeks use, he still gets a little itchy every now and again, but nothing that would indicate a full on eczema attack, so we rub in a little oil here and there…

Like i said before though, I’m no doctor, so it’s up to you if you want to try it.

8 thoughts on “Update on the “Sesame Oil and Eczema””

  1. A friend of mine tried the sesame oil and it worked! (He also gave it really spicy foods)
    Hope you are having a nice summer? Cheers! Kathy

  2. Hi Kathy,

    Wow, glad it worked for your friend. We might be onto something here…

    Summer seems to have just began here in the UK, here’s hoping it continues.

  3. Thats really interesting as I have been looking really closely at infantile eczema and have just posted a short article on my blog.allergytest.co.uk/4/improving-infantile-eczema/, regarding the link between gut permeability and eczema. I shall definately test drive this sesame remedy with some of my clients. Another really good remedy is aloe propolis cream. Aloe is anti-itching and bee propolis is a natural anti-biotic to clear any infection that often occurs when kids have been scratching with dirty finger nails.

  4. About the bee propolis, whatever that is. Aren’t small children not to have honey because of some reaction? Wouldn’t there be a danger of a child licking the salve off their skin? Children won’t eat food you give them but then go out and devour the most awful things. “Think twice before acting once.”

  5. I have a very scary Eczema – i have tried 100 of things.. I have not slept peacefully from last 7 Months and am fed up. Docs have asusual given me steriod cream. I am having flax seeds from 3 weeks but am not seeing a great improvement.
    Hopefully sesame oil helps..!! I will keep you posted.

    Anand Vyas

  6. Yeh me too. I wake up scratching and bleeding. Not fun. Puts me off my food, and we can´t have that, can we?

    I have recently found yet more goo to smear over my tortured skin. A plant called Caléndula (Calendula officinalis) and I can say it has SEEMED to help. I have been scratching away for 37 years so I´m not about to make any miracle cure claims.
    SEEMED to help? Well I wasn´t scratching after using for three days, and during the 4 weeks I kept using it. I have been scrathing again 3 days after I stopped using it.
    Anyway, hope you all get some sleep.

    PS how the hell has this topic arisen on a cooking site?

  7. Every night I have been searching on the internet on possible treatments for my 2.5 year old son. His eczema is getting worse each day. He has it on the back of his knees which I have managed to stop spreading with a homemade balm of calendula/mugwort etc and sulfur baths (from japan) but the skin is thickened and still itchy (although not as much as before) (The eczema has also spread to his diaper area and ankles. Anyhow, I randomly came across your site by typing eczema and sesame since I have begun oil pulling with sesame oil – once I saw this, I applied the sesame oil on the back of his knees (while he was sleeping) and the next morning the rough reddish patches skin behind his knees have become softer! Thank you soooooooooooooo much! I will continue to try the sesame oil (organic) and hopefully the eczema be a thing of the past.

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