Toaster Tongs?

While perusing Gizmodo I discovered another one of those “gadgets” that defies belief – Toaster Tongs – so that you can safely get toast out of the toaster.

I love toast. I’ve been eating it for about 30 years and I can’t once ever burning my dainty little fingers trying to get already popped up toast. In fact come to think of it even if it’s managed to get stuck way down in the toaster and begun to smell like bonfire I still haven’t ever had a need for toaster tongs. Who thinks these things up? Who buys them?

8 thoughts on “Toaster Tongs?”

  1. I do! The attached magnet is the best part.:) My wooden tongs happily sit on the side of the refrigerator waiting to rescue that stuck piece of toast!

  2. how do you get those big fat tongs into the slot? which, incidentally, is not a euphemism (or should that be an euphemism) ah….. sunday. I digress; so, to recap, fat tongs,little slot, how does it happen?

  3. Actually—I bought toaster tongs! I agree they seem sort of silly—-but for a five year old, they come in handy! My daughter can’t seem to get it through her head that the toaster is HOT and these tongs keep her from searing her little fingers.
    So, there you have it. One toaster-tong buyer.

  4. If it stops those idiots who stick a metal fork or knife down inside the toaster while it’s still on to extricate their sliver of charcoal, then maybe it’s a “good thing”.

  5. oh, I don’t know Rev. Sticking a metal thing in a toaster might just remove another idiot from the gene pool.

  6. i followed the link to the site. wow. they have a pillow for a wooden spoon. $8 for a spoon pillow?

  7. We have eliminated the problem entirely by having a toaster oven. I find I can make a lot of meals for the two of us in it and not have to fire up the big stove oven.

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