Wild Garlic Burgers

Gee went to Brighton for the night for her best friends birthday, so the kids and I thought that we’d cook. Cool. I thought about an amazing lamb dish I saw on the F Word the other night, but thought better of it. It might work, it might not and the kids get nothing to do.

Max Picking GarlicSo we decided on burgers, big fat ones. Whenever I’ve made burgers in the past they’ve always fallen apart, but now, aha, I have found the secret…

So, we went for a walk in the rain, picked some wild garlic, got soaking wet, came home, dried off and got on.

The kids love this stuff, getting mucky, wet, picking some stuff to eat, although they ate all their leaves before we got back…

Anyway ere we go, easy peasy lemon squeazy.

  • Minced beef, not too lean.
  • Handful of wild garlic (finely chopped bulb garlic will do)
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • An egg

harvey01.jpgThe trick I’ve found with burgers is – do not mix in a bowl. I’m not sure why, but they seem to stay together better, and it’s more fun.

So get the mince out and put on a larger chopping board and flatten out with your hands, fold it over and flatten again, do this for a few minutes.

Next, break the egg over the flattened mince, wishing that your chopping board had a gutter (you’ll see what I mean), you then fold the egg into the meat. When you have kids; the more mess the better!

The egg should be thoroughly folded in and the meat kind of sticky, add some black pepper, a pinch of salt.

Make some patties, we made big fat ones, Harvey’s got tiny hands but still managed to make the biggest. Just make big meat balls, if you want to add something to flavour, this is the time. I ripped up some of the wild garlic and folded it in with the meat and then reformed as a ball, Max added some Nando’s Piri Piri sauce (he likes it hot). If you must add onions (why?) cook them first and chop really fine. Really you should add afterwards in your bun…

Patties of loveCook under a hot grill for 7-10 minutes each side (depends if you like it rare or not).

Serve with a bap (I love baps) some salad, some fat crispy chips, a sliver of cheese and sauces of your choice.

A top tip for slicing the cheese (I know most of you know this; I’m new you know), use your potato peeler, revelation, after nearly chopping off my fingers.

burger done.These burgers are great, but I have to say the star of this show were the chips, I’ve never made chips before and these far exceeded my expectations, and the kids. lol.

12 thoughts on “Wild Garlic Burgers”

  1. Mmmmm can I come for tea? Sofia eats burgers now so happy days……………..

    p.s I always thought you loved baps. 😉

  2. bit late for wild garlic now. you need to get it before it flowers.
    usually it starts about april and its one of the first things out in the forest. it grows low on the ground, quite narrow, long and pointed leaves. but you’ll most probably smell it first…. you can eat it raw as you pick it so it can go in any kind of salad and it makes good garlic bread. i don’t know about the rest of the world…. but here in bristol, there is loads in ashton court, particularly up the hill from long ashton, and an abundance in the gorge down from blaize castle.
    just a little info but, if wild garlic really stimulates your cortex…

  3. actually, it probably starts about march time. early spring then.

  4. To be fair we did enter a time portal into the past. The aroma of the garlic wafted through the “Stargate” and me and the kids pursued the smell through the gate, battling goblins, ogres and of course those bloody fairies…

    Once we found the mass of ripe wild garlic we bundled back again into the future, and made our fully flavoured burgers.

    Ah, the joys of time travel.

  5. Glad to stumble onto your blog… blokes. At the risk of sounding ignorant… what the heck is a “BAP”?

  6. Baps, mmmmmm, love baps… lol

    Baps are rolls, burger buns, etc…

    Interestingly in the states “buns” can mean bum where as in the UK “baps” can mean boobs. How great is that.


  7. i refer you to Avonmouth’s greasy spoon… “nice baps”.
    great name for a cafe.

  8. a punch is something you might throw when you are cross at either something or someone. it consists of four scrunched up digits with the thumb left outside, lest it break, on the end of wrist to forearm etcetera.
    alternatively, that same “fist” could grab a “punch” of, say, sugar. thus multiples of this thereby can become a basic measuring device. so a recipe may have four “punches” of sugar. unless you have scary massive hands or effeminate little lady ones, we’ll all be in the right “ball park”.
    Now, bra sizes are a lot more fun, just don’t get caught.
    summat is “something” in a kind slang way, or else the top of something. like a mountain. Ah! the joys of language. especialyy this one. oh and look the joys of spelling too!

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