Courgette Love

I have grown some courgettes and I have rather a lot. I have made a courgette cake (courtesy of a Nigella Lawson book) and, I have taken to pickling them as well. it’s a recipe we’ve mucked about with, so we can safely call it ours. I’d be happy to post it if anyone’s interested.

[note: this was a lonely comment on a test post and now has a comfy post all to itself]

6 thoughts on “Courgette Love”

  1. I have to say that the thought of courgette cake actually makes me gag… But I trust that as with all things like this, it’ll taste better than it sounds.

    The proof is in the tasting… 🙂

    Bring it on Phatty…

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  3. Lol, funny little post – more comments than actual content! 🙂 Courgette cake sounds nice though. I am into the alkaline diet adn this sounds pretty healthty to me

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