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The MCC started a fair few years ago when a bunch of blokes got together to learn to cook. They’d eagerly arrive at MCC Sensi’s house and attentively follow the masters recipes and Way.

@Redeye found the only way to remember the techniques and recipes was to write them down… The Mens Cookery Club was born. Since then we’ve been on and off, been offered a book deal, and actually learnt to cook.

We measure in seconds, pinches, punches and bra sizes. Apparently we’re normal.

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  1. Dear Sir/ Madam
    I am trying to arrange for my partner to meet or have a meal with Keith Floyd but I am having no success at finding out how to do this.
    If you could point me in the rightdirection I would be so grateful
    Kind regards

  2. What the hell?!?!? Fair play to you, with respect you are only (IM ONLY NOONE) K.Fs son but I would really like to meet the man himself!! I see him in a godfather role with a shyitload of fresh tomato juice for his bloody mary!!!!
    However.. I’m a bad person amnd I’m, probably wrong!!!
    In all seriousness, if his business is making a loss, is his cellar making a fortune!?!!?!?!?!!!!!!! ;^)))))
    They’re not many people I would like to meet right now, but K F I would.

    In the meantime, I think the main thing we need in chinese is ginger, we did chicken and cashew, sherry (sweet crap), a bit more ginger some shallots fried snd we have the base.
    (20 minutes , which usually ends up thirty with a few beers, BEFORE) You should have marinaded in 1/2 egg whites erm what else.. a good slash of lemon juice to bust that fooker down.. I was preety beered up and can’t actually remember what else was in there, but if you understand the chemistry of food.. its all good? You’ll know.
    Harvey Wallbangers ain’t no good for cooking. Its very strange the split you get!!!

    But chicken stock (1/2 CUBE, soy sauce(obviously), bit more sherry (we were winging this, fully !!), something else 2:1
    So we have (do the frigging rice) marinade chicken for 20ish mins, fry off the meat, fry off the veg, so the meat is sealed the veg is sauce, we need to buyild that bastard….
    We add soy suace 2/plenty of soy sauce
    erm … (I had scrambled egg this evening cos I was a little hungover)
    err come on this is hardly a POWER sauce coming up … erm..
    We ain’t finished, you put up the ginger and shallot base after fryinbg off the marinated meat. You got a good base. What do you want?? i Mean u know what you’re doing or not… I have a degree in biochemistry so unfortunately I see everyth5ng at the molecular level
    I would like to Meet Floyd here!! cEPT i PREFER FIRST NAMES IE KEITH AND ROB.
    Cashews are bitter if you over do’em… so you need a tsponn ande a half of sugar 2 balance it
    You and I are in equivalence, could be wrong, usually am but I’m bored of this shit now. Whatever, you can run up a shutter as far as I’m concerned.

    @Jonny Hamachi

  3. Patrick

    Found this website through your dads blog as I was trying hard to find somewhere to leave someone my condolences at the news of Keiths passing. I never liked cooking, and have remained consistently terrible at it. In fact, I used to find cookery programmes tedious in the extreme, but for some strange reason absolutely loved watching your dads stuff. I can only conclude that i wasn’t watching it for the cooking but for your dad and for his affable charm. I don’t often get upset by celebrites who have moved on to, well, wherever it is that celebrities move on to. In fact, throughout my 37 years on this planet I can honestly say that I have only genuinely been moved by Ronnie Barker, Tony Hart and now your dad. Keith was bloody great, and the world will wake tomorrow a less enjoyable, less devil may care, less joie de vivre place tomorrow without him. I very much hope I haven’t offended you by writing to you – but I felt moved to try to tell someone that I for one will really miss the guy. I’m very sorry for your families loss and hope that you can take comfort from the fact that I am sure Keith is very much alive and well and will continue in the hearts of many “backing to me now Colin” across the UK.

  4. well sad to hear about the old boy has gone of to the pantry met kieth after cooking him a meal and he invited me to a glass of wine and a chat great stories and good advice he has to be one of the great heroes of the industry how about staring a floyd award for the youth or the old buggers wo have given thier all cheers kieth

  5. Patrick

    Very saddened to hear that your father has passed away. He will be missed but live on through the variety of shows and books he wrote over the years. I was in Singapore last year and nearly met up with him, which would have been wonderful. Sadly he was engaged in full time recovery from jet lag and the meeting didn’t happen.

    Best wishes and condolences to you, family and friends.



  6. Patrick,

    Having watched the ‘Keith on Keith’ programme all I can say is that I hope he never saw it.

    More importantly, I am sure your father is dancing with the angels now and teaching everyone in heaven, as well as Saint Peter, how to cook. No doubt first job for him will be to check out Heaven’s wine cellar! He made people smile even just thinking about him. Now that’s clever!

  7. Patrick
    It was a shock to hear the news on the radio overnight but it sounds like he had an enjoyable last day. Him being berated by the lady over his piperade remains one of my favourite bits of telly

    Lyon, France

  8. Hello Patrick,
    You must be going through absolute hell at the moment,no of us can comprehend what you must be feeling.
    I am so so sorry Keith isn’t with us,he will be missed by so many including my wife and myself.
    My thoughts are with you and your family especially you’re sister Poppy.
    I will always remember Keith as a very special person and a very special friend.
    God bless you all.

  9. @Robbie
    Hello Robbie,
    Keith did indeed watch the programme with Keith Allen,as C4 sent him a dvd copy.He was very happy with it and wanted it screened as Keith felt it was an honest account of where he was at that particular time.

  10. Hello Patrick,

    It was with great sadness, that I had learnt of your Dads passing.
    Words are just not enough, perhaps Masefield hit the nail on the head.

    Take care,

    GH Kinsale.

    Sea Fever

    I MUST down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky,
    And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by,
    And the wheel’s kick and the wind’s song and the white sail’s shaking,
    And a gray mist on the sea’s face, and a gray dawn breaking.
    I must down to the seas again, for the call of the running tide
    Is a wild call and a clear call that may not be denied;
    And all I ask is a windy day with the white clouds flying,
    And the flung spray and the blown spume, and the sea-gulls crying.
    I must down to the seas again, to the vagrant gypsy life,
    To the gull’s way and the whale’s way, where the wind’s like a whetted knife;
    And all I ask is a merry yarn from a laughing fellow-rover,
    And quiet sleep and a sweet dream when the long trick’s over.

    John Masefield

  11. Patrick.
    I am very sad to hear about your father. He was a great man with a wonderful sense of fun and a brilliant attitude to life, it is a pity there are not more people in the world like him. He will be sadly missed by so many people, myself included, although I had never met him it feels as though a friend has died. He was so honest and upfront in his programs that you couldn’t help but feel like you knew him.There will never be anyone like him on TV again. May he rest in peace.

  12. Hi Patrick,
    I would just like to say although I have never met you or you father how sad I was to hear he had passed away. He was a unique & wonderful person who taught me never to settle for canned or microwaved meals. I am now 36 & cook hare, partridge, & other dishes most would never try. He will never however truly die as I know as the greatest cookery presenter of all time his programmes & books will be re-run & reprinted for many years to come. As many have said before me I felt as if I knew him & he was an old friend. He was an amazing character & will be missed by all that every watched or met him. Rest in peace Mr Keith Floyd you were truly the King of what you did. My thoughts are with you & your family x

  13. Dearest Patrick
    Please accept my condolences on the loss of your father. The loss of a parent can not be compared to anything else.
    I briefly met your father at one of his shows in Whitehaven, Cumbria and found him to be charming and friendly. I have grown to like him very much over the years and will miss him greatly.
    God bless

  14. Dear Patrick,

    I shall greatlhy miss your father. I have followed his tv programs and read many of his books. Can you please advise me where I may purchase some of those polo shirts and other shirts which he was wearing on tv vis with his monogram etc.

    Your kind and early reply most appreciated.

    Ass ever,

    Jack Chack

  15. Patrick

    Please accept my condolences both to you and to your sister on the passing of your father: a true British original, if ever there was one.

  16. Thank you all for your kind words. The hardest thing has been dealing with media & other so called celebrity chefs. They’re all insincere self promo homos, lacking heart & humanity.thank you & one love to all the real people out there…..P.S. If anyone sees Keith Allen before I do, tell him he’s a FRAUD.

  17. Hi Patrick,

    Condolences to you. I remember seeing one of your Dad’s early films on VHS in your living room above the restaurant in Chandos road-we were 16 or 17, I think.

    I went into TV in the end, and for a short period worked with some of those celebrity chefs, like Worrell Thompson. You’re absolutely right about them.

    Thankfully I got out of that part of TV and now make science documentaries.

    Apologies for the unsolicited message, but was a great follower of your Dad’s career after seeing that tape.


    PS Ian Carter now lives in Ilfracombe.

  18. Hello Patrick,
    I think I’ll agree with your comments regarding Keith Allen.
    I still miss your Father Keith even today some 2 months after he’s left us,he was a very misunderstood chap and was a pure genius in the kitchen.
    God bless you and Poppy,

  19. Pat
    I was trawling the interwebs looking for ol’ bristol funk mix tapes an’ i reckons you’ve got a couple of 2bad tapes… Any chance you could mail me regards if i could get copies would be well cool…

  20. Like many others have said, I felt I knew Keith through his wonderful programmes. I have just finished his autobiography and it confirms that he was a genuine one off – slightly eccentric, but as Marco said – a beautiful man.

  21. I am an Assistant Producer for ITV Productions and have just started work on a brand new series of Britain’s Best Dish – a popular daytime food programme in which we ask amateur chef’s/cooks to come and make us their signature dish with the hope that their unique recipe can take the title of Britain’s Best Dish.

    We are looking for genuine food lovers which a talent for cooking to be involved and I wanted to speak to someone about the possibility fo putting some information up on your blog as your audience will be exactly the type of people we are looking for.

    If you could respond to me to discuss this further I would be very grateful.

    Kind Regards

    Jo Hamer

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